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"Exclusive News" MANSON returns to Hollywood May 17, 2013
The MANSON book "Death to Pigs" is done! Charles Manson, the Family, Helter Skelter, the Black Muslims, the Battle of Armageddon, the Tate and LaBianca massacres, the Crime and Trial of the 20th Century
About Author / Filmmaker Robert Hendrickson & "Death to Pigs"
SPECIAL "MANSON" Book OFFER for High Schools / Colleges

Death To Pigs by Robert Hendrickson
Death To Pigs by Robert Hendrickson
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Roman Polanski, Charles Manson, Judge Rittenband and
wide spread corruption in American Courts - October 2009
The future of Internet entertainment as decided by courts:
UMG vs., Hendrickson vs. eBay, MANSON DVDs and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) 2009
ExclusiveFilms Update May 4, 2009 - About the MANSON Book
The 40th Anniversary of the 1969 MANSON Murders and many media based projects are planned for 2009.
DomesticTerrorists ATTACK America!!
Nationalize America's OIL and banks NOW!!
  MANSON DVD's in February
  Inside the MANSON Gang "Update"
  Inside the MANSON Gang "Movie Trailer"

Inside the Manson Gang Preview
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WWII Preview of "My Father's War"
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"MANSON II" Press Release
"My Father's War" Press Release

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"The Battle of Armageddon may be near." Islam is rising!

  "Absolutely nothing on earth could have prepared me for my passing through the gates of Hell."

  "I finally realized that Helter Skelter may have been the reason the killers thought they were doing a massacre that night, but the real motive was known only to one."

  "Because the heart of the prosecution's theory was that Charles Manson manipulated the minds of his devoted Family, the fact that, right before the eyes of the whole world, he was actually controlling the very destiny of the Tate-LaBianca murder trial became even more bizarre."

from The Making of MANSON II

for release in theaters 2006


"The Legend of Charles Manson"
A true story, uncensored
"Introduction To The Legend of Charles Manson"
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card and listen to original sixties sounds from
"The Legend of Charles Manson"
performed by Jimmy Beavers

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